Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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Scottish Straight for sale

White Scottish Straight Girl. Sweet, friendly with pretty eyes.


Brown and White Fold Boy. Super sweet and friendly.


Brown Tabby Straight Girl


White Color Point Straight Boy.

Super friendly and sweet. SOLD.


Classic Blue Straight Boy. He's super sweet.

Light Brown Tabby Straight Girl. Another sweet and friendly kitten!


White Tabby Straight Boy. Super Happy!


Classic Blue Straight Boy.

Another sweet friendly boy!


White Fold Girl. Super soft and loves to be held.


White Straight Boy, brother of the White Fold Girl who also loves being held.


Brown Tabby Fold Girl. Super sweet and SOLD.


Brown Tabby Fold Boy. Brother of the Tabby Girl and also super sweet.


Little Brown Fold Boy. Super CUTE and SOLD.


Little Fold Girl. Brother of the Fold above. Beautiful eyes and 

she loves to speak her mind. She is small but fierce!



New Kitten For Sale

Tabby Straight Girl Kitten. Super cute and friendly. She loves being held.


new kitten for sale

Tabby Straight Girl who is also super sweet and loves to be held like her sister. It's hard to tell them apart but notice this one has a solid stripe on her neck compared to her sister. Her sister has more reddish coloring in her fur as well. Both of these kittens are so soft and sweet!

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