About our cats...

Welcome to our home.  We are a long-standing cattery in the Sierra Foothills of northern California.  We are located one hour NE of the Sacramento airport. 

 We have been breeding cats since 1985.  After dabbling in several other breeds, we renewed our passion for Scottish Folds in 2005. You can email us.  Our goal is to provide people with pets with superior temperaments and excellent health. The outcross we have chosen is with British Shorthairs.  We love the plush coats and the round look of the Brits.  The colors we have chosen are the silvers and tabby pattern. In 2014 we added a shaded silver Brit boy and a seal point Brit girl to our breeding program. 

Peggy is a small animal veterinarian who practices holistic veterinary medicine specializing in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbals. Her veterinary clinic is located in Colfax, CA and is called Sierra Animal Wellness Center.

We screen for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) with cardiac ultrasounds and PKD (polycystic kidney disease) by DNA testing and parentage. We never breed two cats with folded ears together.  When that happens, the kittens will develop crippling arthritis.  We provide a 3-year replacement guarantee against fatal genetic diseases.  Every cattery has its share of mild kitten maladies, so we keep our kittens until they are 16 weeks old to allow our kitties' immune systems to mature prior to the stress of leaving their cat family to join their human families. For more information about proper age for adoption please go HERE.  

We are also committed to socializing our kittens to people, so they are loving and gentle.  Our cattery staff spend many hours each week handling our kittens from the time they open their eyes until they leave for their forever homes. Our mother corgis and their pups are around the kittens as well as our toy poodle and Chihuahuas, so they are well socialized to dogs.

Our foldies start at $2000 and our straight ears start at $1000.  We sell almost all our kittens to pet homes. The Scottish Straights have the same quirky personality and luscious coats as the foldies and are often more available than their siblings who just happened to inherit the unusual ears. If you want to see a famous YouTube Scottish straight ear, follow this link to Maru's videos.

If you would like to apply for a kitten adoption, please fill out our Kitten Application.

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